Prison Proliferation Project

With support from the American Sociological Associations Funds for the Advancement of the Discipline, the Arizona State University Institute for Social Science Research, and the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M University the Prison Proliferation Project combines a unique blend of housing, economic, political, and demographic data at the state, county, and US Census place and block level from 1970-2010 including all 1663 prisons facilities geocoded into municipalities across the rural-urban continuum (see codebook). By incorporating national and longitudinal aspects into this study I will test theories developed in my book with the University of Chicago Press entitled Big House on the Prairie:  Rise of the Rural and Prison Proliferation (see bookproject).


Published & Working Papers

"Prisons as Panacea or Pariah?:  The Countervailing Consequences of the Prison Boom on the Political Economy of Rural Towns".
John M. Eason. 2017. Social Sciences 6(1): 7.

"Rethinking the Prison Boom:  Redefining the Causes and Consequences of Inequality in U.S. Prison Building".
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"Mapping Prison Proliferation: Region, Rurality, Race and Disadvantage in Prison Placement"
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